WATCH: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Like, Knows When Climate Change will Kill Us All

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When it comes to climate change, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has partaken in mind-numbing brain candy (see Ocasio-Cortez Thinks Green Energy Will Bring Racial & Social Justice and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Compares Climate Change to Nazi Germany). We would love it if she could share. Seems to be some good stuff full of the highness. But really, she just sees things the rest of us don’t. Like, the exact time global warming is going to kill us all.

Casual reminder: the Democrats tell us they’re the party of science. Aside from insisting men in dresses are real ladies, now we have AOC on camera, on a stage, saying the world is going to end in 12 years due to “climate change.”

12 years. Literally, the end of the world. That’s all we have left, y’all. Good run, everyone.


Here’s the rub: these dire predictions the world is going to end? We’ve been hearing them for over twenty-five years. If not longer. For me, it began when I was a college freshman and an English teacher made me read Al Gore’s book. Introducing me to the world on leftist indoctrination on college campuses. But for someone older, the “world is going to end” began sooner, likely due to something else. Climate change, overpopulation, the foppish haircuts of The Beatles. There’s always something that’ll do us in.

Is the climate changing? Sure. Point something to me that’s ever constant, that never changes. I’m curious.

Could we all stand to be not as wasteful as we are? Okay. Being good stewards never hurt anyone.

But I’m hardly alone in hearing people talk about all these personal sacrifices we need to make in the name of global change warming climate cooling, and respond, “you first.” Because I fail to see how using a canvas tote bag and trading in a truck for a Tesla that needs coal to charge itself, will save the baby polar bears. I fail to see how handing complete control of our lives to government, which says TSA is a swell idea, and insists we all need the Post Office, will solve anything.

You really want AOC in charge of your life? Because I’m not going to check that box. I don’t care how great she is at Twitter.

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