Pope Signs Pact With Muslims Pushing One-World Religion

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Pope Francis lately signed a pact with Muslims at a potential drive toward a one-world faith and announced diversity of all religions is God’s will. But wait. Does the Bible have beliefs and warn Christians about associating? Is not this a problem with anybody else? Jesus taught forgiveness and love, and he additionally instructed His disciples to”beg for people who persecute you.

However, the prophet Muhammad was a warrior who murdered Christians and Jews — speaking to them as enemies and infidels, had wives, and encouraged conquest.Jesus was a sinless, religious pioneer who laid his life to save humanity, stated”Father, forgive them” to people who crucified Him’ Jesus never murdered anyone. Muhammad was a leader, who turned into a leader, a liar, and a leader that is barbarous.

While Muhammad ruled from the sword, christ dominated by serenity. But a historical interfaith covenant has been signed at the Middle East a week, and is not it fascinating the U.S. mainstream press was almost silent about it? Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, regarded as the most essential imam in Sunni Islam, came in the signing ceremony together with Roman Catholic Church leader Pope Francis”hand-in-hand in a sign of interfaith brotherhood.”

The pope and the grand imam of all al-Azhar signed what had been known as”a historical statement of fraternity, calling for peace between countries, religions and religions, facing a worldwide audience of spiritual leaders in Christianity, Islam, Judaism and other faiths.” Many spirits and gods exist, but all of the rest need to be untrue when one religion is correct.


Although there are a few similarities, Islam is very oblivious using the Bible in addition to America, a culture which respects Judeo-Christian principles and spiritual liberty. Islam will take no political or economic perspectives no religions, and no method.And incidentally, did you understand Muslims chosen to Congress need to be sworn in on the Quran, not the Bible?

So who swearing allegiance to? Passages in books that are Islamic control and justify violence. The significance of Islam is”entry,” and individuals needs to bow to Allah. Islam teaches Jesus was a prophet. They teach that Jesus die on the cross and didn’t sacrifice Himself for our sins and say that he wasn’t God, nor did he rise from the dead.

However, these are essentials of the Christian religion!.Muhammed claimed to be the final and biggest of all God’s prophets, he’d fifteen wives, also chased the beating of wives (Sura 4:34). Muhammed was known for dispersing his faith. Five years following his passing, Muhammad’s followers seized Jerusalem and from 732 A.D. they moved to Spain.

Until immunity rose up their aggression lasted for centuries. Back to Pope Francis: yet another thing that he did was to announce the Sharia-governed United Arab Emirates that the’Length of endurance ‘ Look at information and history reports and you will observe that this couldn’t be farther from the reality. So, the Pope shook hands, kissed, and signed an advocate of Sharia law, together with El-Tayeb.

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