Keanu Reeves: “For Me Trump Is The Symbol Of A Successful Man And A Role Model For Every Young American

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On-screen character Keanu Reeves: “For Me Trump Is The Image Of A Fruitful Man And A Good case For Each Youthful American, Somethi…WIKILEAKS BOMBSHELL: ‘IF TRUMP DOESN’T TAKE CLINTON DOWN, WE WILL’On-screen character Keanu Reeves: “For Me Trump Is The Image Of A Fruitful Man And A Good case For Each Youthful American, Something That Our Country Was Searching For Years.I Don’t Imagine That America Will Again Have A Pioneer Like Him,”Do You Bolster Him? 

Keanu Reeves was taping Velocity, in 1993, he went through each extra moment learning lines in his trailer. These lines weren’t from the film he was wearing out – as Jack Traven, the SWAT officer who assumes responsibility for a bomb-stacked transport, Reeves didn’t have a grand game-plan to state – at any rate from William Shakespeare’s Villa, an all around thumbed duplicate of which he would bear on set. 


His standard normal business was zooming through Los Angeles with a disturbed Sandra Bullock and a coachload of shouting additional things. Monologuing as the alarming Ruler of Denmark, then again, was near and dear time. 

“I completed the path toward playing Jack, went into the trailer, and, you know – ‘How all events do illuminate against me,/And drive my dull retaliation’,” he says, reeling off the opening couple of lines of Villa’s last talk. Did it engage him to change in accordance with what was, by then, his most monetarily certain part to date? “Mutter.” He stops. “I don’t have the foggiest idea. There was absolutely a yin and yang thing going on.” 

As he proceeds, what before long winds up being clear is that those grabbed reviews of Shakespeare helped Reeves look great not such a ton of Traven or Villa, however rather than himself. He was 29 years of age at the time, with an occupation that was taking off. By the by, Reeves didn’t see himself as a development legend – or not only an activity sacred individual, in any event. 

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