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It’s actually what the title of this article sounds like, and we couldn’t make this poop up in the event that we attempted. Similar individuals who advised Republicans to “quit crying” when Obama was in office demonstrate themselves to be irrefutably the whiniest gathering of individuals to walk the earth. 

A considerable lot of Hollywood’s tip top are taking steps to take to the streets in challenge of our President. 

This talk started circling when Trump was chosen President of the United States, yet these blockheads keep on pushing the issue. Our message to them, DO IT. We needn’t bother with rascals like you in Hollywood at any rate. The way that individuals like Rosie O’Donnell believe that the motion picture and broadcast business wouldn’t get by without them demonstrates exactly how unmindful they truly are. 


Mike Opelka got out the rich entertainers and executives who were compromising the strike, cautioning them of the harm this strike would cause to every other person in the business. He referenced the lower paid care staff who do the majority of the in the background work. 

The general population who do all the genuine work in Hollywood are the general population who construct the sets, who make the outfits, who make the props, and sometimes, do the tricks and the embellishments, 

The time has come for these jerkoffs understand that they aren’t the main individuals in this world. The reality remains that Donald Trump is our President, in any case, and that isn’t going to change. 

We should trust that for every other person in Hollywood these uninformed big names suck it up and manage the way that their applicant didn’t win. Possibly on the off chance that they removed their heads from their posteriors long enough to try and tune in to Trump’s objectives for his time in office they would feel in an unexpected way. 

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