Dems Beg Barr To Stop using One Word, So He Says It 3 More Times

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Attorney General Bill Barr is coming right at Democrats and being sarcastic and they do not like his brand of sarcasm.

During his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday Democrats again were angered by his use of the word “spying.”

Democrat Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse said that he did not like Barr’s use of the word ad said that the word was not accurate.

Barr responded to Sen. Whitehouse’s statement that the use of the word was incorrect and the hint that he should not use it by using it three more times.

“I’m not going to abjure the use of the word ‘spying,’” he said. “My first job was in CIA. I don’t think the word ‘spying’ has any pejorative connotation at all.”

“I think spying is a good English word that, in fact, doesn’t have synonyms because it is the broadest word incorporating really all forms of covert intelligence collection, so I’m not going to back off the word ‘spying,’” he said.

Barr said that many are angry about his use of the word but they were not angry about the media’s use of the word prior to him saying it.

“Frankly, we went back and looked at press usage and up until all the faux outrage a couple of weeks ago, it’s commonly used in the press to refer to authorized activities,” he said.

“It’s not commonly used by the Department,” Whitehouse said in anger at the attorney general for continuing to use the word.

“It’s commonly used by me,” Attorney general Barr said, with a smirk to the chagrin of Whitehouse and the other Democrats.

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