CNN Contributor Ana Navarro Calls For Trump Supporters To Be Censored

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With liberal-dominated social media corporations ramping up their purge of conservative voices to put a thumb on the scale for Democrats in 2020 it was a bloody week in terms of high profile pro-Trump voices being disappeared and de-platformed.

Censorship crazy Facebook led the way by not only banning forever the controversial conspiracy mongering Alex Jones but also banned everyone who was associated with him and taking it one step further into Chinese totalitarian style censorship, is even banning those who post links to Jones’s material on his websites.

Also among the casualties were the blackballed by Hollywood conservative actor James Woods, activist Laura Loomer, provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos and even far-left anti-Semitic hatemonger Louis Farrakhan in a move that seems to have been cynically executed to create a false equivalence between the leftist hate that is commonplace on Twitter and supporters of the president.

Farrakhan may have gotten the heave-ho but was incorrectly identified as “right-wing” by the lying fake news factory The Washington Post.

We have deleted this tweet because it incorrectly included Louis Farrakhan, who has espoused anti-Semitic views, in a list of far-right leaders. Facebook banned extremist figures including Farrakhan, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos for being “dangerous”

— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) May 2, 2019

Never Trumpers were ecstatic which bogus conservatives as former Jeb Bush operative Ana Navarro cheering the moves as well as calling for even more censorship.

According to the woman who has been affectionately nicknamed “Porquita” and “Piglet” by longtime Republican consultant Roger Stone, the Nicaraguan-born Navarro embraced the sort of crushing of dissent that is familiar in the Latin American hellholes where communism has taken root and oppression of political opponents is the norm.

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Navarro made her comments during an appearance on the snakepit of unhinged harpies formally known as ABC’s The View.


Ana Navarro Is Cool With Social Media Platforms Censoring People She Doesn’t Like

— The Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) May 3, 2019

Via The Daily Caller:

Political commentator Ana Navarro admitted Friday that she doesn’t have a problem with social media platforms banning and censoring certain people as long as they’re the people she thinks are “horrible for our society.”

Navarro argued during a segment of ABC’s “The View” that the First Amendment is “not unlimited. It’s not unrestricted.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin admitted that, as an attorney, the idea that a private company could restrict speech made her “uncomfortable” even though she didn’t agree with the positions of those who were being banned.

“I disagree certainly with all those … but it makes me uncomfortable that you have this private organization being able to take away the speech of private individuals,” Hostin explained. “There’s something about it that makes me — makes the lawyer in me — uncomfortable.”

“I have no issue with it at all,” Navarro jumped in. “I want them shut down, silenced, I think they’re horrible for our society. The First Amendment argument is very powerful, it’s something so unique to America. But it’s not unlimited. It’s not unrestricted. In law school you all learn about the ‘screaming fire in a crowded theater,’ if it’s something that endangers people, if it’s something that will end up hurting people, there are restrictions.”

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