BREAKING: Pelosi Forgot What Day It Is During Presidents’ Day Speech

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Apparently, rumors that Nancy Pelosi has Alzheimer’s are true. On Monday — Presidents’ Day — she spoke to supporters at a fundraiser and managed to forget what day it was.

“Today is Veterans’ Day and we honor and support everyone who has served and defended America,” she said before attacking President Trump. “Men and women who, unlike our current President, didn’t dodge military service.”

The crowd mindlessly cheered as she continued to call the President — the man she’s supposed to serve — an “orange, thin-skinned loser” and “the worst thing to happen to our country since the invention of the assault rifle.”


At no point did anyone — even the MSNBC hosts commenting on the speech — correct her. While we should honor our veterans, that’s a completely different holiday.

Presidents’ Day is the day we honor all Presidents — including the best we have ever had, President Trump. Nancy Pelosi can’t be bothered to remember his special day, and the rest of the Democrats simply throw hate at him.

President Trump is the most oppressed, most opposed, most irrationally hated (by the Stupid Part of America) in the history of our great nation. It’s time for liberal Democrats to shut up and get in line because the Trump Train is not stopping. We’re going to make America great again, with or without them.

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