A Muslim soldier says her command sergeant major forced her to remove her hijab.

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Sgt. Cecilia Valdovinos was at a place of prayer at Fort Carson, Colorado, for a suicide abhorrence directions on March 6 when she says her request sergeant major got her by the arm, took her outside and influenced her to clear her religious head covering before others. 

The senior noncommissioned officer believed that Valdovinos, 26, who has an insisted avoidance from her separation specialist to wear a hijab in uniform, was annihilating her hair of rules underneath it, she uncovered to Army Times on Tuesday. 

“To me, it was a comparable thing just as they had mentioned that someone take their completion off,” the officer, a person from the 704th Brigade Support Battalion, said. 

No one had asked her whether her hair was in a rule bun, she notwithstanding, before mentioning that she oust the bit of dress. 

She expelled the scarf bit of the covering first, she expressed, yet Command Sgt. Maj. Kerstin Montoya mentioned she absolutely reveals her hair. When she emptied the top underneath, which covers her hairline and underneath her jaw, the length of hair came free from its bun. 

The detachment assistant, who ran with Valdovinos and Montoya for the examination, says that the senior NCO tapped the sergeant on her shoulder before driving her outside of the place of petition. 

In an Equal Opportunity protesting archived on March 7, she expressed, she portrayed her first sergeant insinuating her as “the young woman with the hood.” A culinary master, she expressed, she was starting late reassigned from an on-present devouring office on her army’s headquarters association in the wake of addressing cooking pork things. 


Additionally, previously, she notwithstanding, she offered an explanation to her association specialist that while sent a year back, another warrior suggested her as a mental oppressor. The boss did not increase the situation, she said. 

“I take all reports of officers insulting another warrior’s religious feelings, observances, or shows in all regards really,” Col. David Zinn, the second Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Fourth Infantry Division officer who denoted Valdovinos’ rejection update, said in a declaration. “There is starting at now a solicitation regarding Sgt. Valdovinos’ case. I will ensure our unit continues with our show of setting a high motivation on the benefits of our troopers to watch the standards of their specific religions or to observe no religion in any way shape or form.” 

The examination was an unequivocal showing of Islamophobia, according to the pioneer of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which addresses Valdovinos. 

“But on the off chance that this CSM, who wretchedly defamed our MRFF client by mentioning her to evacuate her hijab out in the open, acknowledges the extraordinary powers of X-shaft vision, it would have been incomprehensible for this CSM to have even watched the hair of our MRFF client,” Mikey Weinstein said in a declaration. 

The under-top is a vital bit of the supported hijab, he notwithstanding. 

“I wish they would essentially ask with respect to whether they have questions,” Valdovinos said. 

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